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On January 7th and 8th, 1996 we had 31 inches of snow in the Philadelphia area, the all-time single storm record. Our houseguests, Becky and Tom, were scheduled to fly out on the afternoon of the 7th. They finally got on a plane on the 10th. Tom started suffering, immediately and badly, from cabin fever. He shoveled the driveway (Thanks, Tom!), he made a huge snow pile, and hollowed out a room in the interior. And then on Tuesday, he took several Polaroids of Bart (below left), our living room bear and drinking companion (he always looks that hungover, probably because he is). He then went out and with some help from Eric, our neighbor, and less help from me (Steven), gave birth to SnowBart. Hilary helped with moral support, but was smart enough to stay, for the most part, indoors. Unlike most bears, who have tails, SnowBart had a bear butt.

Bart, Tom (father of SnowBart), and SnowBart

SnowBart attracted crowds from the moment the snow stopped. Strangers came to our door late at night to sing Snowbart's praises (really). He treated everyone who stopped by well and almost everyone treated him well. The only exception was a family of five: mother, father, and three young boys. The parents encouraged the little thugs to climb over SnowBart and maim him, while gleefully filming the atrocities. They severely damaged his right arm (forepaw), ear, and stole his original nose. Had they not been physically chased off at that point they would have probably destroyed SnowBart for their pleasure. It was sad. Fortunately some repairs were possible, and a nice new red nose was found and grew in.

SnowBart's Obituary

I'm sorry to say SnowBart expired around 11 AM on Saturday the 28th. He had declined to about 4.5 feet as a recognizable bear, and then on the evening of the 18th, had a heat attack and become lumpy. There wasn't much left at the end. He brought amazement and joy to all who knew him, unlike Bart who tends to be sullen.

SnowBart at about 3 days old.

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